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Low Cost Anti-Viral Product

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The Tempest Twin Unit Machine

Introducing the all new and unique Hi-lite Tempest twin unit machine.

The Tempest is a full size machine in two separate units, this gives maximum portability but can still out perform many other machines in the professional category.

  • Big Capacity

    Supply Unit 52 litres, Recovery Unit 42 litres

  • Lightweight

    Recovery Tank 28kg Supply Tank 24kg

  • High Performance

    Twin genuine AMETEK vacuum motors, 220 psi diaphragm pump.

  • Heater fitted as standard

    Immersion type 3 kw with double overheat protection.

  • Extremely portable

    The two part design means each unit is much easier to lift and handle.

  • Great price

    The Tempest is very competitively priced at £1,895.

The new piece of kit that Hi-lite has developed is fantastic

I have been using the New  Tempest  carpet machine from Hi-lite services for about 5 months now & was giving it time before i reviewed it .

I have been carpet cleaning for some 27 years now & using some great equipment but the new piece of kit that Hi – lite has developed is fantastic.

The machine comes in two halves, a bit different to start with but so much better to load & unload. Performance is amazing, I seem to use less water & carpets are virtually dry which of course is a massive bonus for the customer.

The machine is more quiet & the remote function for me is great, there are quite a few additions to what you can have i went for the remote control with auto dump, great when you can have the machine outside.

I am in no doubt that i am using one of the most powerful performance portable machines there is out there now

Brian has always been there  on the end of the phone to point me/ you in the right direction on products , how to fix thing or problem solving nothing is to much , customer service is great.

I am very happy & so is my wife that i bought the new machine, a i got an op a year ago or so & now i don’t have to think about getting a new job cause the new machine is so manageable.

Many thanks, keep up the good work.

Andy Makay
All Kleen, Aberdeen

So pleased we chose this machine as our upgrade

We’ve had our Tempest for almost 3 months now and are so pleased we chose this machine as our upgrade.
The lightweight but strong machine is easy to get in and out of our vehicle and up flights of stairs.  Easy to set up, it is powerful and leaves carpets and upholstery almost dry. A fantastic machine at a fantastic price.

L&L Carpet Cleaning, Skegness

It’s always the first machine gone out our stores in the morning

Had this now for about 3 months now and we love it! It’s always the first machine gone out our stores in the morning. We clean everything from 3 storey townhouses to huge commercial venues and this machine does it all brilliantly. There is always an instance where our machines have to go upstairs into the property and with our old one it was a two man job with a lot of hassle, now it’s no problem at all for one of us. Performance and capacity is amazing and the new quick heater is far superior than our old heater. Another bonus is that it’s about half as noisey as any of our other machines. All together very happy and expect to buy another in a few months.

Cathedral Cleaning, Durham

It’s changed our lives as business owners

I purchased the tempest machine as I had heard good things about it online. When I went to see it I was instantly impressed by the design, easy to handle so portable and extremely well put together. I was given a demonstration on its use and was really impressed by all parts of it and it’s versatility to prespray, instant heat, use a single socket, 2″ or 1.5″ hose. And it’s during this demonstration I realised … These guys have thought of everything. Then came the clean water dump !!! And then the easy loading system!! Honestly I was super impressed!! So agreed the purchase.

After buying I couldn’t believe how efficient this machine is, I’m 2 months into owning it now and I wouldn’t change it for the world it’s changed our lives as buisness owners and I will be buying another.

Stewart Brown
Brown & Co. Cleaning Solutions Teesside.

Just picked up my second Tempest

Just picked up my second Tempest and it’s even better than the first! Fantastic performance and now I have the new rapid heat system that gives me really hot water in a fraction of the time a standard heater used to take. Nice to see they now come with locking castors as that was a bit of a miss on my first model. The prespray ability is a doddle to use with just the flip of a lever to change from applying prespray to then cleaning, even mid job with a full tank of water. These days 3 storey town houses are no problem, I  will never go back to an all in one machine as twin unit makes so much sense.  Thanks to the guys at Hilite.   Highly recommended !!

Muck Off Cleaning, Bradford

Over the moon

Absolutely over the moon with my new Tempest machine. Had it for 3 months now and work it extremely hard every day. Excellent upgrade from my old machine, it’s strong and lightweight with amazing performance. I can now easily get to places I couldn’t before. Thanks again Hi-lite….. 5*

Williams Cleaning, South Shields

It’s Fantastic!

Power, performance, portability and rapid heat??? I thought it was too good to be true so I bought one and have to say it’s fantastic!
After a minor problem with the rapid heat system (which was quickly sorted) I have grown to love the Tempest.
I use it on all sizes of jobs and it gives amazing results. My new best friend is a winner.
Thanks to Hi-Lite for being helpful, friendly and straight talking.

1st Class Upholstery Cleaning, South Shields

This has made my life so much easier

I have been cleaning carpets and doing fire and flood restoration for 18 years now. I have used all kinds of carpet cleaning machines from various suppliers. I came across Hi-Lite a few years ago and have found them very helpful and a go to for products and advice. It has been so helpful to build my business and Brian has been unbelievable. He recently put me onto a new machine ‘The Tempest’ it sounded too good to be true but knowing Brian as I now do I knew I could trust him and had to try one, to test its performance capabilities for myself. I can honestly say that I can get through a job with a better quality clean in a shorter amount of time and due to the super powerful vacuum motors it also provides quicker drying times but the best part for me is that the machine comes in two parts, being a sole trader this has made my life so much easier. I can lift and get the machine upstairs easily and you can also leave the clean water part by the water supply while you take the vacuum part to the area you are cleaning which is ideal on commercial jobs or when cleaning office floor and corridors. Unfortunately my van broke down recently but because of the unique design of this machine I was able to get it in the car with the seats down along with the rest of the equipment I needed.

The Tempest has been the best portable cleaning machine I have used and Hi-Lite are a great company for help and support. Thank you Brian for all your help.

Eddie Watts

My ‘go to’ machine for all jobs

The Tempest is now my ‘go to’ machine for all jobs. Fantastic idea having two tanks, makes it so easy to lift. Twin vacs leaves carpets almost dry. It’s really well built and been very reliable. All round the Tempest is the best machine I have ever used. Happy to recommend this machine to anyone.

Gemini Cleaning, East Sussex

The cleaning power is the best we have ever used

The cleaning power is the best we have ever used. Auto empty with the remote is very efficient. Light construction makes movement and use unchallenging and easily lifted upstairs. We would highly recommend the Tempest and its also at an excellent price.

Cramlington, Northumberland

Using it daily and it’s mint

Had the Tempest for 6 months now, using it daily and it’s mint. Powerful, portable, heater fitted as standard and at a great price. Wish the rapid heat option had been available when I got mine, though as it seems amazing. No regrets whatsoever.

VIP Cleaning, Sunderland

Split machine is a superb concept

Been using the Tempest for about a year now. It’s a great machine with plenty of power to run long hoses. I usually run the Tempest from my van with auto fill and auto empty though it’s easy to take upstairs if necessary. Split machine is a superb concept.

Supreme Cleaning, Milton Keynes

This machine is far superior to anything I have used in the past

This machine is far superior to anything I have used in the past and I have been cleaning for 30 years. Auto fill and auto dump function is simply brilliant. I can’t recommend this machine highly enough.

Alroy Cleaning, Middlesex

Been using the Tempest for 6 months

Been using the Tempest for 6 months and it’s compact, powerful and highly portable. A superb machine. I am highly impressed.

Regency Cleaning Teeside

Outstanding performance

Outstanding performance, it’s portable and lightweight and being a split machine means it’s a doddle if you need to get it upstairs.

All Clean, Durham

In the industry for twenty years and it’s simply the best machine I’ve used

I have owned the Tempest machine now for a few months and I can’t sing its praises enough! it replaced a machine advertised as the “most powerful in the UK” and its performance has simply eclipsed that machine and most others currently on the market. I’ve been in the industry for twenty years and it’s simply the best machine I’ve used with service that’s second to none. It seemed strange at first to have two separate parts but the ease, mobility and weight factor simply lifting in and out of the van is a god send!! Clients have loved seeing it run in their houses but at the same time it is powerful enough to leave outside and run 100″ of hose to clean three floor town house, with the added insta heat inbuilt the results you can achieve are better then 90% of the truck mount Cleaners in my area!! Simply loving it, thanks to Hilite for such an outstanding machine.

Botley Carpet Cleaners