This has made my life so much easier

I have been cleaning carpets and doing fire and flood restoration for 18 years now. I have used all kinds of carpet cleaning machines from various suppliers. I came across Hi-Lite a few years ago and have found them very helpful and a go to for products and advice. It has been so helpful to build my business and Brian has been unbelievable. He recently put me onto a new machine ‘The Tempest’ it sounded too good to be true but knowing Brian as I now do I knew I could trust him and had to try one, to test its performance capabilities for myself. I can honestly say that I can get through a job with a better quality clean in a shorter amount of time and due to the super powerful vacuum motors it also provides quicker drying times but the best part for me is that the machine comes in two parts, being a sole trader this has made my life so much easier. I can lift and get the machine upstairs easily and you can also leave the clean water part by the water supply while you take the vacuum part to the area you are cleaning which is ideal on commercial jobs or when cleaning office floor and corridors. Unfortunately my van broke down recently but because of the unique design of this machine I was able to get it in the car with the seats down along with the rest of the equipment I needed.

The Tempest has been the best portable cleaning machine I have used and Hi-Lite are a great company for help and support. Thank you Brian for all your help.